Two tips for those who are about to purchase their Christmas supplies for next year

If you like to prep for Christmas long before the festive season begins and intend to purchase your Christmas supplies for next year's festivities very soon, some of these tips could prove useful.

Ensure that any Christmas crackers that contain food are stored correctly

If you've decided to buy Christmas crackers that come with edible treats, rather than trinkets, this year, then it's important to ensure that, after the food supplier delivers them, you store them correctly. For example, if you have ordered crackers containing chocolates or candy canes, you should ensure that these crackers are kept in a cool room, away from any radiators or other sources of heat. If you don't, these sweets may melt, and their consistency and shape will change. Whilst this won't make them inedible, it will make them look unappetising, which might result in the recipients discarding them, instead of eating them.

Similarly, if your crackers are going to contain miniature Christmas puddings or other cakes, make sure that the crackers are not left in a stack on the floor, where they could get trampled on, or are not left at the bottom of a pile of heavy Christmas gifts that could squash them, as whilst you probably can reshape the crackers' outer packaging after this type of incident, the cakes inside would end up completely flattened or turned into a pile of crumbs.

Keep the other Christmas snacks boxed-up in a hard-to-reach place

If the order you placed with the food supplier includes lots of indulgent Christmas snacks (such as boxes of chocolates, luxury crackers, flavoured nuts, artisanal cheeses etc.) then it's best to keep these in their boxes and place them in a hard-to-reach area of your home. This might mean putting the non-perishable items into your loft and putting the cheeses and other perishables into a small fridge in your garage (if you have one).

The reason for this is as follows; if you have a big family and you are all 'foodies', then the temptation to take 'just one or two' nuts, chocolates or pieces of cheese from the Christmas supplies might be too strong for you and your children to resist if these items are readily available in your kitchen. Conversely, if your kids know that they would have to get a ladder and climb into the loft in order to get some fancy chocolates or have to traipse out to the garage to get some luxury cheese, the chances of them doing this will be quite low.

This is important, as if your family does end up sneakily consuming most of the Christmas supplies over the course of a few months, you may end up having to restock virtually everything that you bought, just before Christmas day. This could put a strain on your family's finances at an expensive time of year and make the days leading up to Christmas quite stressful.

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